Making A Horn Cup Or Salt Horn In The Traditional Manner

DRINKING VESSELS. Earthen vessels of various shapes and sizes were in constant use. The horn being constructed and used horizontally is believed to have been used as a wine container, whereas this type of vessels are more often seen being modelled in the form of a raft, see ibid., pp.78-81, nos.47-52.

There is no depiction of a scene of libation sacrifices employing a rhyton, on an altar drinking horn or not, anywhere in ancient arts, yet the vessels must have been so used. Tony Reali and the national panel talk about Patrick Mahomes' insane start to the season, what's wrong with the Steelers, Fitzmania continues in Tampa Bay, Wentz named the starter in Philly and much more.

For related examples of a rhinoceros horn 'lotus' cups, also carved standing on a lotus blossom, see one in the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, illustrated ibid., nos.207-209; and another from the Thomas Fok Collection, illustrated by , Connoisseurship of Rhinoceros Horn Carving in China, Hong Kong, 1999, no.85.

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Providing they were ‘worked' before 1947, taxidermy rhino heads can still be sold, as can items such as libation cups, beads, dagger handles and knobkerries. Drinking vessels from this find are on display at The British Museum in London. The large size and depth of the rhinoceros horn allowed the master carver to create a detailed design drawing its inspiration from Xixiang ji (西廂記 'Romance of the Western Chamber').